Albany con man charged with impersonating mother in letters to federal judge


An Albany man convicted of identity theft was recently charged with impersonating his mother and grandparents in letters he wrote to a federal judge.

Federal prosecutors charged Michael Fish Friday with obstruction of justice and committing an offense on release. The Times Union reported that Fish, 25, allegedly also fabricated six letters to US District Judge Mae D’Agostino under the names of his priest, a congressional aide and a former client.

He penned the letters while he was awaiting sentencing, according to court papers.

“My son has always been a loving, endearing, and joyful person who has always lit up a room and made a positive impact in every situation he’s been involved in,” he wrote, impersonating his mom, according to court documents. “I do not believe he is a risk of ever hurting anybody and has only ever served as a positive and productive contributor to our community.”

Fish’s mother told an FBI agent that she did not see or sign the letter, court papers say.

In another letter sent to the judge, Fish allegedly impersonated his grandparents, saying he had been “very open and honest with us about the circumstances of his troubles.”

Fish pleaded guilty last year to aggravated identity theft, computer intrusion causing damage and possession of child pornography.

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