Americans are arming themselves at record pace


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Charlotte, NC — Across the country, Americans are purchasing firearms at record pace. So far in 2020, nearly 36 million firearms have been sold. In 2020, firearm sales are already 7 million higher than total sales in the year 2019.

Two states are surprisingly leading the pack in regards to gun purchases. Illinois and Kentucky are #1 and #2 respectively in total firearms sold. Texas, Florida, and Indiana round out the top 5 according to a recent report.

Thousands of firearms have been sold in each state along the way to the record breaking year. In many states, firearms have become scarce, almost sold immediately on arrival.

In a conversation with one local gun distributor, we learned that they receive calls daily  for firearms and ammunition, which is also scarce. The local owner stated that his shelves were nearly empty and that any ammunition he has would not last through the end of the day. He simply cannot keep it on the shelves.

Across the country, Americans realize that our nation is at an important crossroads. While the mainstream media will blame this increase in sales on the civil unrest and the coronavirus pandemic, the actual cause is much different.

Americans realize that we cannot continue to function like this. Our government is an absolute wreck. Our politicians have abandoned any thought of the Constitution or personal freedoms and continue to recklessly pass spending bills.

We are trillions in debt and face a national divide that is greater than at any point in our history. Democrats are openly calling for the abolishment of our nation, in favor of a socialist one filled with government dependence.

Governors have decided to implement restrictive orders that violate the personal rights of Americans across the country. They have threatened to lock Americans up or punish them for being the ones to decide how best to care for their families.

Americans have decided to take sides, deciding that they can only trust themselves for their own protection. They simply cannot rely on the government to defend them.

Firearm sales will continue to soar into the new year as well. Many conservatives are worried about the continued socialist move and the push to defund the police.

Make no mistake about it, Americans will not sit by and leave their safety to fate. Americans are telling leadership that they have decided and they choose to do it themselves.

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