The Proposed New York Bill Shows Us The Game Plan of The Left


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Charlotte, NC — In another ridiculous bill that has been filed for consideration in the New York State Assembly, the group will now consider the powers of the state in a pandemic. Specifically, they want to expand the power of the state to detain you if you are a ‘carrier’ or have contact with the carrier of a virus. The bill is A416 and will start to come under consideration later this week.

Dr. David Samadi shared a snippet of the law in a recent tweet. The entire text is available online, but the specific section he shared is worth reading.

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This is a bill up for consideration in New York State in regards to COVID-19.Read every word of this and tell me what you think of it:

In other words, if the Governor declares a state of emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease and the health of others is in danger, the governor can establish delegees that can order the removal and detention of a person. It does not say that you have to be doing anything specific, just that you may be a threat to society. They would detain you in a medical facility or “another appropriate facility.”

If you cannot see where this is headed, let me help you.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were discussions that this type of action should take place. Dr. Michael Ryan from the World Health Organization actually said that they should go to homes and remove those who were sick and force them into isolation.

Then, videos emerged of exactly that happening in China. Media outlets in other countries reported the event, but the mainstream media in the United States kept it silent. The video is still available to see below.

Coronavirus: Chinese Officials Removing People From Homes, Watch Video

A video that has gone viral on social media shows that the Chinese authorities are pulling residents out of their homes and banning over-the-counter flu reme…

Similar actions transpired in Canada, too.  Another video that was shared online shows people being forcibly removed from a home after a neighbor reported an illegal gathering of 6 people in a home.

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NEW – Canadian police stormed an “illegal gathering of six people” in a Gatineau home after a neighbor ratted them out. The residents

These are not the actions of a free country.  These are actions of a communist society. To force people out of their homes and into government submission, that’s what the Democrats have been desiring for years. It only makes sense that New York or California would be the first to try and implement something like this.

The bigger concern is that once they would accomplish a goal like this, what is to stop them from taking it further? Will they start forcibly removing and isolating those who disagree with them? Because that is also what happens in China.

This is a direct violation of all American’s 4th Amendment rights. The NY State Assembly is, in essence, saying that they do not care what the Constitution says, they believe their governor is better than the Constitution.

They already tell us that conservatives do not deserve to exist in the mainstream media. They tell us that we deserve to die and that we do not deserve the ability to exist in their society. There is absolutely nothing that will stop them if they obtain this type of power.

The radical leaders across our country will continue to exploit their power in the name of public safety. This isn’t about public safety. China is a perfect example that forcibly removing people does not prevent the virus from spreading. The same can be said for Canada. These dramatic lockdown efforts have not worked anywhere they have been tried.

This is a move completely about power. This is tyranny on full display in New York.

It is a move to find how far they can go in controlling the people of New York, but New York is only the first step. This is what will be coming to a Democrat-led America. This is simply a trial to determine just how far Americans will let them go.

Americans have willingly given up many freedoms amid the pandemic, without fighting back. We have given up the freedom of our businesses, our gatherings, our worship. A few may have fought back, but it is just a very few. Democrats see this as an opportunity. After all, never let a crisis go to waste right?

As Americans, we have to be fighting this level of tyranny, because that is exactly what this is. We have to stand up and fight for our country and for our freedom because one thing is clear. Those we elected to represent us have no desire to fight for us anymore.

The Democrat’s plan for the Pandemic

There is a new law being proposed in New York that would allow the constitutionally protected freedoms of Americans to be overridden in favor of public health. The law would give the governor of the state sole discretion on who is locked up and how long they are detained for.

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